Who are the Intelli-Gents?

15 years professional experience

David is the proud owner and operator of Intelli-Gents Technology Specialists Inc. He is the primary technician, the team leader and worker, and the person your business will deal with on any projects or support calls.

Here are some nice things overheard about David, Owner and Main Technician at Intelli-Gents

"You know, in all my years, You (David) are the ONLY IT Guy I have worked with where when you say something is fixed, I have confidence that it is fixed, and you aren't going to be fixing it again in two days."

"You're a genius, is there any (IT) question you don't know the answer to?"

"Thank you for your work on this project, the client was really impressed with what you built for us"

"Dave, what would I do without your help?"

"Wow! This works WAY better than that one last week"
(When comparing an app we built and provided to an app they had used a week previously not provided by Intelli-Gents)

Let Intelli-Gents Technolgy Specialists Inc. find solutions to your IT and Technology questions and problems.
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